(Uninstall programs.) This page was updated 10th April 2021.

How to uninstall programs from your Computer - Clean my PC Free

Reclaim space on your PC uninstalling programs.


Sometimes we install a program such as some trial software that later on we do not use any more. The programs take up memory on the hard drive. Some of these programs can be rather large.

If you have quite a few programs that you do not use or want, another way to save space on your drive is to uninstall them from memory. Wisecare has a program uninstaller. Head over to the right of the screen and click Program Uninstaller.

The first time you want to use the program uninstaller, you will need to install this application. Click on Yes and the uninstaller will load itself into memory ready for use.

When this application has executed, it will look at your disk and find all the programs that you have installed over time and then go on to list them in a new window that opens up.

Scroll down the list and have a look at these programs. On my drive, I do not want Adobe creative cloud for now so I will choose that application to uninstall. You will have to decide which program or programs you want to get rid of.

Click on the program that you have selected to uninstall and you will be shown two options. Option one, Safe Uninstall, is the default action. The other option, Forced Uninstall, is for when Wisecare cannot uninstall a persistent program that just will not budge. This option needs to be treated with care but it is safe in 99.9% of cases.

Click on Safe Uninstall and the program will execute. When the program has finished this part of the run, it then goes on to look at anything the uninstalled program has left behind. These are usually such things as registry entries that are no longer required.

Once Wisecare has found traces left behind, it will show them, if any, in a new window. By default, all the entries tick boxes will be checked. This allows you to uncheck any registry entries that you think may not or should not be deleted. Once you are happy with this click the Remove button.


Once Wisecare has run its course, it should refresh the open window showing that the unwanted program has been uninstalled. If the refreshed window still shows the program as still being installed, click the refresh button at the top of the screen.

This should show the program gone but, if it still shows, it is time to click the Force Uninstall button. You can then go on to uninstall any other unwanted or unneeded programs one at a time. I am hoping that you found some unwanted files because the more you uninstall, the more space on your hard drive will be reclaimed.ustify"