clean my pc for free

A guide on how to clean up useless and unwanted files on your PC

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remove useless files

There are now FOUR options. Follow the clean my pc for free guide here, Print the page and follow on paper. Follow a video guide ( I am currently updating the videos as the ones shown are from the pervious website layout) Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Print this page

Follow a walk-through video



Select system cleaner

If Wisecare is not running, start it up fro your desktop by double-clicking the Wisecare icon. When Wisecare starts, go to the top tab and select tuneup


Select common cleaner

Here you will see on the left-hand menu, several new options to use to clear out even more junk such as Common Cleaner and Advanced Cleaner. We will use the other options at a later stage. For now, click on the Common Cleaner tab.


check all boxes

In the new window you will see more options such as under the Files In Computer tab, ‘Windows System, Browser cache etc. On your first visit, only the Web Browser Cache tick box is checked. The other tick boxes are not checked, this is because Wisecare is giving you the option to clear out these areas. For example, if you didn’t want to clear out the cookies on the PC, you simply leave this option unchecked. We need to clear out the lot so, check each box individually until all boxes are checked.


click on scan

Once all the options are checked, click the link to Scan these entries. If the system finds any browser windows open, it asks If you want to close them. Click yes to close, if you don’t, the system will not clear out the cache for these browsers which is what we want to do. This step could take a little while depending on the amount of junk there is in your PC. Closing the browser where your step by step guide shows will need restarting. Click the shortcut on your desktop to load up clean my pc for free and come back up this page.


the scan completes

Once the scan has completed, it will show you what it will be able to recover from the drive, the number of files and the total size of the files.


clear all the useless files out

Now it is time to clear that lot out, to do this simply click the link to the right-hand top of the screen to clean out the system.


double check before cleaning

The next step will throw a new window at you asking if you want to clear out the cookies on your computer. This is an option open to you and will be your personal preference as to if you wish all your passwords cleared. Clearing them will cause you to have to log on to other websites and re-insert your user name and password. clean my pc for free uses Chrome its my browser and like the automatic save, automatic insert password when I log on to other sites so, my choice is not to clear the cookies, it is up to you to decide this.


the results of the cleaning process

Once the cleaning has been completed, the system shows you exactly what was cleaned, the size of the files and the number of the files. clean my pc for free on this run, saved almost a gigabyte of space on my PC. Now it is time to move on. ..


finalise and move on

You can either take a break and close Wisecare then, proceed to the next step or, you can move directly on to clear out some more stuff. If you decide to carry on, click the link on the left-hand side of the screen to Advanced Cleaner and load the step by step guide to the Clear Advanced tab on clean my pc for free and carry on from there