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A guide on how to stop programs running on start up.

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Prevent start up programs from loading to speed up a computer.


When you first turn your computer on, the system will boot up. Once the initial boot-up has completed, the system then loads windows. Windows then proceeds turn load up all of the program files that are needed to run your machine.

All this loading of system files can take some time. When you install some software onto a Windows machine, the software such as your anti-virus program and your V.P.N. if you have it installed will generally set itself up to run on windows startup.

These also take some time to load up, slowing the startup procedure by several seconds or minutes if you have a lot of startup applications. Windows has an option to prevent certain software from starting when Windows boots.

Wisecare however, makes the task of preventing startup applications from running from boot much easier. You will need to start up Wisecare and click the link System Tuneup.

remove start up files

You now have FOUR options. Follow the clean my pc for free guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper. Follow a video guide ( I am currently updating the videos as the ones shown are from the pervious website layout) Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Print this page

Follow a walk-through video



start system cleaner

If you have not already started Wisecare, go to the desktop and double-click the Wisecare icon to run it. From the start up window click system cleaner



start the startup manager tab

Next, we need to run the Startup manager. Do this by clicking the link on the left.



click on the Startup link

Wisecare will now load all the startup applications running on your PC. At the top of the screen, you will see four options, Speedup, Startup, Services and Records. Both Speedup and Records are the Pro version only. If you decide to purchase the software, these will be two more options you can set to speed up the system. For now, click on the Startup link.



the applications that run on startup

Again, Wisecare will show you the applications that are set to run on Windows startup. Wisecare then shows you the time it takes for each application to load. This is your opportunity to prevent these applications from running on startup. Different peoples computers will have different items on their list. My system shows NVNatteryBoostCheckOnLogon as green for yes do load this on startup and this will take 3.30 seconds to load up.



select which apps not to load on start up

clean my pc for frees system is a desktop PC, if it was a laptop I would probably leave this set to on. My PC does not require checking on the status of the battery so I will save 3.30 seconds boot up time. Uncheck this option. There is no save option as Wisecare will automatically turn this off when you move on. I use Surfshark VPN on my system. I get annoyed when my system boots up and Surfshark is right in my face. Not only is it annoying but, takes time to load. I will uncheck this option too. It will save me a 0.10 second saving of my boot time, maybe not a lot but, every little counts. When I do need to use Surfshark, I can run it from the desktop.



beware of your selections

You will have to decide which applications you want to prevent from running on startup. Just be aware that your anti-virus and firewall needs to be checked along with your graphics card and sound devices.




Click the Services tab, this allows even more options to speed up the PC but, at this point, I would not recommend you change any of these because most of the items listed are system files required for the correct functioning of your machine. Now carry on with the next section of clean my pc for free.