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A guide on how to improve your PC memory making it faster.

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What is computer RAM?


RAM is the abbreviation of "random access memory". It is one of the most basic elements of computing. RAM is an ultra-fast and temporary data storage space that a computer needs to function.

The PC is constantly loading content to be processed (such as applications files) and putting them aside for later use. RAM is the short-term memory of a computer. In contrast, a computer's hard disk or SDD is its long-term storage, which can store things more or less permanently.

Wisecare offers an option to optimise the memory in your computer which, will help the machine to run faster. On the right-hand side of the screen, click Memory Optimizer.

Every computing device has RAM, whether it is a desktop computer (running Windows, or Linux), a tablet or a smartphone, or even a dedicated computing device (such as a smart TV). Almost all computers also have some way to store information for long-term access. But the work process is completed in RAM.

You now have FOUR options. Follow the clean my pc for free guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper. Follow a video guide ( I am currently updating the videos as the ones shown are from the pervious website layout) Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Print this page



Select memory optimiser

If Wisecare is not running, start it up fro your desktop by double-clicking the Wisecare icon. When Wisecare starts and click memory optimiser.


allow memory optimiser to run.

Again if this is the first time you have run the application you will need to permit it to run.


Click on the Optimise button.

Click on the Optimise button.



Wisecare will then go into action. Unfortunately, the application does not tell you when it has finished optimizing. Keep an eye on the progress counter. When this has stopped, the job at hand has been completed. That is it for this step, close this window.