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Install Anti-virus Protection on your computer- Clean my PC Free.

Anti-virus applications are the first defence system against any internet threats.

Anti-virus applications scan, locate, and delete unwanted software such as trojans, worms, spyware, and viruses from the machine. As a backdoor Trojan horse, The storm was discovered on January 17, 2007, and affected computers with the Microsoft Operating System

These malicious threats steal sensitive data, erase or destroy valuable information, or install an unneeded software on the system. Using a variable encryption algorithm, Tequila is very difficult to detect. If an infected program is run, it will infect the Master Boot Record on the hard drive, when the computer is next is booted, it becomes active in memory, ready to infect any .EXE files when they are run.

Wabbit is thought to be the first instance of malware. It is simple and can destroy an operating system by totally wasting the system resources until finally, the system crashes. Antivirus software stops the loss of personal and critical information. It improves the computers speed and puts a stop to identity theft. The first computer virus for Microsoft Disk operating system was called Brain. It was released in January 1986.

Is a disk operating system virus. Detected in October 1987 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It resides in memory and infects executable files. Is a computer worm for Microsoft Windows. Spreading through email and Usenet in January 1999. It is the first virus to be passed on by email other self-propagating viruses used this as their template. Within ten minutes, the Slammer virus infected over 75,000 machines. It is a worm and was first seen in 2003. It caused a denial of service and slowed all internet traffic.

It is a visual basic executable infecting computers when users click on email attachments. It is very small at around 95kb and spreads through network sharing. Anti-virus software is critical for a computer to function to full capacity.

It scans the whole system, and downloaded files and finds dangerous programs and dodgy websites. Being a Trojan horse malware package running on versions of Microsoft Windows. It is used to carry out malicious and criminal tasks. Zeus is used for stealing banking information by keystroke logging. China developed the mocmex computer trojan in 2008. It was the first virus to infect a digital photo frame!

Computers can be very expensive, therefore, system scans are critical to ensure the performance of the system. Additionally, virus removal software updates virus definitions regularly thereby not allowing any viruses to go undetected.


How to install anti-virus

Installing Anti-virus on your machine is critical to your online safety, data loss and, theft of your personal information! We need to head over to the Avast download website to download the free Anti-virus software. As with other free Anti-virus software, you can try the full edition for a trial period. When the trial period expires, you are then able to make a choice. Either, go with the free version or, buy the premium. The premium version offers much much more security than the free version but, the free version has enough power to protect your computer for your day to day needs.

How to install Antivirus onto your PC.

You now have four options. Follow this guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper. Follow a video guide. Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Firstly, you will probably have to click on the accept the privacy agreement and the the free download link.

For Chrome and Edge browsers follow these steps. For Firefox, scroll down to the Firefox logo. For opera, scroll down to the Opera logo.


Next is pretty straight forward, follow the on-screen instructions to download the software. Click on the bottom left link shown by the red arrow.

For Chrome and Edge browsers, skip the next two sections

For Firefox, follow these steps.

Click save file.

Click the arrow to open the installer.

Click the dialog box to run the installer.

For Firefox, skip the next section.

For Opera, follow these steps

Click save to save the application to hard drive.

click to open the dialogue box.

Double click the exe file to execute it.

All browsers carry on from here.

In the next window click yes to install the software. After you have given the software permission to run, the next window opens up. This is where you decide to install Avast safe browser and make it your default browser. If you are happy with the browser that you have installed and do not want to install the Avast browser, uncheck both these tick boxes

Now it is time to install the software. To run the installer, click the green link Install.

Avast Free Anti-virus offers protection in many different ways. You will have full protection for the trial period. If you would like to see what Avast will be protecting you with click on the customise link.

All of the tick boxes show what will be protected when you install the software. After the trial runs out, you will be protected with minimal options unless you decide to purchase the software.

Now it is time to install the software, click the green install link.

The progress indicator then loads and takes a few minutes to download all the necessary files.

For the software to work correctly, you will need to reboot the computer, click on restart

This is where the splash screen opens up. To finalise click the finish set up link.

On the next screen, click continue, next is the point where you will be able to run the first scan.

Firstly, Avast Anti-virus checks your computer for browser threats. Click next to have Avast check for outdates applications on your computer. It is always a good idea to update software as they have improved efficiency and security. If you are happy with the software you have, click on skip now.

The next procedure is to check for any malware. If it finds some follow the instructions on the screen. As I have no Malware on my computer, I cannot show you this step. On the next screen if you have any advanced issues, click resolve all at the bottom. If not, click skip. Avast Anti-virus has now installed and checked your computer. It has set itself up to run a scheduled scan monthly.

All the nasty stuff lurking in your computer will now have been eradicated, you will be protected on the web with full protection. When the trial period expires, you will have the opportunity to buy a full licence or continue with free minimal protection.