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How to install avast antivirus and secure your PC from attacks.

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Installing Anti-virus on your machine is critical to your online safety, data loss and, theft of your personal information! We need to head over to the Avast download website to download the free Anti-virus software. As with other free Anti-virus software, you can try the full edition for a trial period.

When the trial period expires, you are then able to make a choice. Either, go with the free version or, buy the premium. The premium version offers much much more security than the free version but, the free version has enough power to protect your computer for your day to day needs.

Your Choices .

You now have four options. Follow the clean my pc for free guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper. Follow a video guide ( I am currently updating the videos as the ones shown are from the pervious website layout) Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Print this page

Follow a walk-through video

Installing Avast.

You are about to connect to the Avast servers and download their antivirus software. Downloading software from websites can pose a risk of malicious code entering your PC. Always check the address bar at the top of the screen and make sure there is a padlock shown indicating you are connecting to a trusted website!

It is always better to be weary and safe than risk any code damaging your computer. Avast is safe, if you would like to test the software before installing it, there is a website that will do exactly this for you.

Virustotal is the website that can check a URL or file for anything untoward in where you are about to visit, the Avast website.

Click the link below to check the website, when you are happy, please go to the next section of clean my pc for free and download.

Test Avast website


Download the software

Firstly you need to go to the Avast website which opens in a new window . To run the download you need to click the free download button. This will download the antivirus software and latest virus definitions.

Download Avast


Follow your browser guide!

Different browsers act in different ways when downloading and installing. Follow your browser path and skip the other Browser sections

Chrome/Edge Image of code red virus

Perform the next step then skip to all browsers carry on from there.


download the software.

Next is pretty straight forward, follow the on-screen instructions to download the software. Click on the bottom left link shown by the red arrow.

Firefox Image of code red virus

Perform the next step then skip to all browsers carry on from there.


save the file.

Click save file to save the file to your computers hard drive.


open the installer.

Now you need to click to open the installer


launch the installer.

Now you need to double click to launch the installer


Image of opera browser

Perform the next step.


Click save.

Click save to save the application to hard drive.


open dialogue window.

click to open the dialogue box.


run the file.

Double click the exe file to execute it.

All browsers

All browsers carry on the clean my pc for free guide from here..


change browsers?

In the next window click yes to install the software. After you have given the software permission to run, the next window opens up. This is where you decide to install Avast safe browser and make it your default browser. If you are happy with the browser that you have installed and do not want to install the Avast browser, uncheck both these tick boxes.



The next page will give you options to purchase or use the free version of Avast, click continue


Which version

Which version do you want to use? Click continue with the free version. Remember, this is trial software so you will be fully protected but, when the trial expires, you can continue to use the free version.


Time to scan the system

Now it is time to run the first scan on the system, click the green scan button.


Browser threats found?

After Avast completes the scan of your system, it will report back with any browser threats found. My system had no threats but, if your system is hiding something nasty, click resolve all and Avast will place all these threats into quarantine.


malware threats

As before if the scan of the system contains any malware threats, go ahead and allow Avast to deal with them.


Advanced issues found?

This software has been given to you for free, it's only fair for Avast to attempt to make you purchase the full anti-virus software. You can safely skip this by clicking the skip this link.



All threats, if any, have been moved to quarantine. To finalise, ensure the monthly regular scan checkbox is ticked and click done.


slow computer?

Avast has other software to sell you such as computer cleaning applications. You arleady use Wisecare for this so simply ignore this step. You are all done here, you PC is protected now and for free too. Close off Avast and it will run in the background. Now carry on with the next clean my pc for free step.