This page was updated 10th April 2021.

Clean my PC for Free - How to Clean PC from Junk, a Virus and Spyware.

Speed up a computer, make it faster and threat safe.

Viruses and spyware are threats that can damage a personal computer. Maintaining your system is essential for it to run properly. Follow the step by step guides found in the navigation links. Clean my PC for Free will improve your computer's responsiveness, free up valuable space and improve the overall performance.

It will clear out any junk, viruses or Trojans that may be lurking inside the computer. Clean up any spyware, adware etc. that's installed itself. Clean up any trash hanging about on the disk inside the computer. Clean out and repair the registry. Defrag the files on disk. Install some Anti-virus protection.

Above this page are the navigation links that takes you through the steps of cleaning the system. Start at the top to clear up any viruses that may be resident and work your way down to the last option where you will be able to install some Antivirus software to protect your P.C. from further damage.

Various pages will open where you will be able to see what you should be completing. The applications that you will download are FREE! There may be some trial applications to install but you are under no obligation to buy, just use the free stuff at the end of the trial.

What is a Virus? A virus will disguise itself as a real program. Viruses are often rewritten and altered so that they cannot be detected. Anti-virus programs and their definitions must be updated regularly to look for new and re-written viruses.

Viruses are a parasite, programs that are written to enter a computer without the user's knowledge.


The word parasite is used because a virus attaches to files and replicates itself, and thus continues to spread through the infected system. Some viruses can cause serious damage and slow down system performance.

Cyber attacks are taking place all over the world at any given time, night or day. Below you will see a visual representation of such attacks. The yellow boxes are the attackers and the green circles are the victims.

Occasionally you will see an orange trajectory, this is an attack known as an APT or better known as Advanced Persistent Threats. It is a fairly new threat that targets Linux servers which once installed, will take control of a command server and then have the ability to edit, delete, move files on the system.

This visualisation was taken on Friday 23rd April 2021. You can see the timestamp on the right-hand side of the window which also shows the number of attacks that have taken place that day.

You can watch a live version of this on the Fireeye website by clicking

What is a Trojan? A program which has harmful code is hidden inside another program. When the program is executed, the Trojan performs a certain task, mostly working towards staying on the computer.

Trojans allow hackers to open back doors on a computer, giving them access to your system and even network. A program is hidden away in a legitimate program. A Trojan carries viruses that may be harmful to your computer once you run the program where the Trojan is hidden.


What is Adware? Software that is installed onto your computer by a remote site. Some free programs that you download will install hidden software that transmits information about the websites you visit and other information from your computer to advertisers so they can target you with spam and pop up advertising.

Although not malware, adware goes much further than reasonable advertising. A separate piece of code designed to be installed when other shareware or free applications are installed, adware continues to advertise even when the originally desired program is not executing.


What is Spyware? Some Web sites track users' online activity through the use of what is known as spyware', usually coming in the form of cookies', they enable the cookie writer to gather information about what you are doing and which websites you are visiting. There is software available which detect and delete spyware.

They gather information about a person without their knowing about it. Spyware is programs that are installed into someone's computer to secretly gather data about the person and send that information to advertisers.


A bit about the author Clive Jackson.

A bit about me. I have been in the computer game since the late '80s. I was out of work and had to find a hobby to fill my time whilst job hunting. The local library had the answer. I found up a book “how to build a computer”. At first thoughts, it was quite daunting. I, at that time, didn’t have a P.C. as we now know it.

I was the proud owner of an Amstrad colour personal computer 64 which had a massive memory of 64 kilobytes, not megabytes! When eventually I got my first P.C. it was what is known as a “bare-bones system”.

What does this mean? Well, since the system is sold as a pre-built unit, with the motherboard and power supply already installed, it was the cheaper option to build your own.

A barebones system.

After purchasing the necessary parts such as the CD-ROM, hard drive etc. I was pleased to strike it up for the first time and see my new creation alive! The problem is you need to continually upgrade and update.

Processors were slow and needed upgrading to a faster specification. Next was to install the operating system which in those days was Microsoft DOS which came on three floppy disks 4MB each.

Listening for the DOS beeps was crucial as you had no user interface to see what went wrong if anything. Once DOS was in, it was time to install windows. At that time, it was windows 3.1 which came with 7 floppy disks if I remember correctly. Windows would load the welcome screen, deep joy!

Microsoft DOS disks.

Next was the awkward step of installing a modem (modulator-demodulator) to connect to the internet. Sometimes an absolute nightmare. My ISP at that time was Freeserve dial-up.

This was an internet connection that you could not access until 6 pm in the evening, wow, those were the days! Firstly, you had to install the drivers which came on CD-ROM. Pretty straight forward nowadays but, back then a nightmare!

Windows 3.1.

If you could not afford an Anti-virus then, you were at the mercy of the bad guys out there. Many times I had to re-install the system from scratch as there was no imaging as such and, what was out there was very expensive and, no back-up, restore like we have today.

Because I had self-taught all this stuff, I was at the mercy of my friends whose own system had crashed. They wanted me to repair their PC’s which then, I did for free. It took many, many hours of my time and, to be honest, became quite annoying.

One day I decided to write down on paper a step by step guide for them to follow to repair their PC. Yes, I did get many telephone calls asking for help but, I was happy to do that.

One day it dawned on me that, if I designed a website to help clear out people’s PC’s, it would be such a great help to them and to help the rest of the world do the same. This is where I came up with this site… Clean my PC. I hope you can make use of it, to increase the security, performance, speed etc. of your own machine. Thank you for reading this.

If you have worked your way through all the options and cleaned out your system, you can go another step to speeding up your PC. Below is a video you might like to look at. This video is probably one of the best tutorials on Youtube.

It will take you through the process of clearing out other problems not covered here. You will find a great improvement in your systems speed and efficiency