(Clean up the Hard Drive.) This page was updated 10th April 2021.

How to clean up Hard Drive on your Computer - Clean my PC Free.

A brief explanation of Hard Drives.

By now you have completed all the step required to fully optimise your computer. It should now be running smoothly and faster. Sinced you wewre doing a lot of work on the machine carrying out all these steps, you have still left a small ammount of junk in the system. This step will finally remove all garbage from the drive.

When you next reboot, you will see a small window on the bottom right of your desktop. This is Wisecare telling you the time it takes to load up the system. Now click on the green Checkup drive button.

To be able to clear out Chomes cache the software asks if you want to close chrome. TAKE NOTE... When you click YES, it will close this the 'clean my pc for free' window behind the scene but, do not worry as you saved the shortcut to your desktop earlier.

Click fix and the software will now clean out all of the junk files taking up valuable space on your hard drive.

Wisecare, after completing its' tasks, will show you exactly what was cleaned out of your system and how much space has been recovered. This is the first step to streamlining your system, the next step is to close Wisecare and load back up, the clean my pc window to carry on. So click close and when done, double click the shortcut on your desk top.