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How to Clean Up duplicate files from your Computer - Clean My Pc for free.

We all do it… save a particular file into one folder on the hard drive then, save a copy to another folder effectively creating a duplicate. If we continue to do this over some time, the drive starts to fill up, wasting a lot of space and slowing the computer down.

The one thing to remember is, a duplicate file name will be the same as the copy saved to another drive. File names such as LETTER.TXT and LETTER.TXT (1) and LETTER.TXT-(copy) are counted as duplicate files even though the content of the file may not be the same. LETTER.TXT and LETTER.TXT are treated as direct duplicate files regardless of the content contained within them.

The free version of Wisecare duplicate files deleter does not give you the option to filter out duplicates you may want to delete and so, you have to physically tick each box. The number of files can vary depending on the number of duplicates you have.

I have not covered this area as you may need to deal with thousands of files. Deleting one wrong file could do serious harm to your computer. This is just to let you know that there is another option available to you if you decide to buy the full version.