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How to Clean Up a Virus from your Computer - Clean My Pc for free.

Follow this step by step guide on how to clean up a virus from your computer.

A virus in a computer will replicate itself and moves from machine to machine usually via a program inside an attachment. The virus will change the operating system to replicate itself and move to another computer where that system does the same. Typically, viruses are malicious pieces of software written to alter the operating system such as Windows or Linux. They spread across the network very easily and quickly infecting each machine as it travels on, just like the human flu does when it enters the host who then passes it on to another person.

It attaches itself to a document so once run, executes itself. They can cause a serious amount of damage to a system such as wiping your hard drive or altering the registry affecting the way the system works. The virus attaches itself to document on your system, it takes a specific action for the program to execute. The program has to run to be able to infect the system. They can cause havoc on the host before passing to the next host.

Some of the damage they cause is, password theft, they can log or remember what keystrokes you are doing, these are known as key loggers. They can send spam messages to friends on your email list, corrupt your system files and generally, invade your system and privacy. Your computer can be infected in several different ways. They can spread through emails and attachments, through social media, even your mobile phone can be affected by downloading dodgy applications from the internet etc.

How to clean up a Virus on your PC

You now have four options. Follow this guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper. Follow a video guide. Or you could simply load clean my pc onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

To run the application you need to click the RUN NOW button. This will download the virus clean up software .

For Chrome and Edge browsers follow these steps. For Firefox, scroll down to the Firefox logo. For opera, scroll down to the Opera logo.


As a security measure in Windows, an option to keep or dismiss what is about to be loaded into the system is shown. At the bottom left of the screen, click KEEP to store the virus software into memory

Again as a security measure, you are given the option of running the software or discard it. Click on the button bottom left of the screen to execute the software.

For Chrome and Edge browsers, skip the next two sections

For Firefox, follow these steps.

Click on save file.

Click on the drop down arrow to open the installer.

Click on the drop down arrow to open the installer.

For Firefox, skip the next section

For Opera, follow these steps.

Click the save button to open the installer

Double click the dialog box to run the installer

All browsers carry on from here.

Click yes on the next screen. Now you have to accept the agreement and allow the software to scan the PC for viruses

The virus removal software will now go into action. It will scan the computer disk. If its spyware definitions match anything suspicious in your PC it will send those threats into quarantine so they cannot affect your system any further.

After the software has removed all the viruses from your PC, it will send them to quarantine so they cannot affect your system any longer. Click CONTINUE to carry on tothe next step.

The next screen says your PC is not safe. Don't worry about this because the viruses have been removed and they would like you to buy the upgraded version. We are not installing any anti virus at this stage because we need to clean out the PC and get it in tip-top shape before doing so, click CONTINUE

You have now completed this step on how to clean up a virus on your PC, please close this window and move on to the next step by from the navigation menu above.