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How to clean up your computers pc drive, make it faster.

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Image of computer hard drive

A Brief Explanation On Hard drives.

The hard drive stores information such as the operating system, word processor files, music, videos etc. It stores this information on a magnetic disk. Turning on the computer starts the hard drive which spins, the speed depends on the make of drive. A central spindle holds the disk in place, digital information is then written to the drive by an arm which has a tiny magnet on its end.

An actuator or a servo is controlled by a motor which moves the arm across the disk electronically writing a series of zeros and ones, or on and off, these are called binaries. This magnetised information stays on the drive even when it is turned off.

Image of computer hard drives partitions

Disk partitions and sectors

This drive is made of partitions. At the beginning of a partition is a File Allocation Table or New Technology File System. When the computer wants to read some information off the drive, it looks at this table which points to the area where that information is. This information is kept on a tracks sector. The read/write head either magnetises or de-magnetises the magnetic disk.

When a particular part or file on the drive is no longer required, the information isn’t destroyed, it remains on disk, this is why it is possible to recover deleted files. What is altered is the file allocation table or new technology file system which is told there is no information in that track on that sector. This is why it is so important to format and wipe the drive before disposing of.

Image of computer solid state drive

Solid state drives.

Hard disk drives are slowly becoming obsolete. The new technology is solid-state drives which act very similar to random access memory.

They are faster and much less likely to fail. Anyone who has dropped their laptop on the floor and found the system no working will tell you this.

Over some time, the drive becomes cluttered with all sorts of junk such as temporary files etc. Keeping the drive in tip-top condition improves efficiency.


Installing Wisecleaner


Minimise the window

To be able to get back to the main clean my pc free website page, you will need to put a shortcut on the desktop. To create the shortcut, click the small button at the top right hand side of the page. This will minimise the window. If you have other windows open and cannot see the desktop, click the small minus sign to the left to send all those windows to the task bar at the bottom of the window and leave this window open.


Installing Wisecleaner 2


Creating a shortcut .

You now need to create the shortcut and place it onto the desktop. In the address bar where it says , click and hold the left mouse button down and keep it pressed down. Now drag it over to where you want the shortcut to go onto the desk top and let go of the mouse button. You have now created a computer shortcut to clean my pc free that you can open easily after completing the rest of the steps in this guide.


Installing Wisecleaner 3


maximise the window

You can now proceed to maximise the window to carry on the remaining steps to cleaning out your hard drive. Again at the top right of the minimised window look for the icon that depicts the two windows which is next to the minus sign. Click this icon and the window should maximise

Your Choices .

You will have 4 options. Follow the guide here, Print this page and follow the guide on paper printout. Follow a visual guide ( I am currently updating the videos as the ones shown are from the pervious website layout) Or you could simply load clean my pc free onto your mobile and follow from there, don't forget to rotate the phone for a bigger picture.

Print this page

Follow a walk-through video

Firstly you need to go to the Wisecleaner website.

You are about to connect to the Wisecare servers and download their clean up software. Downloading software from websites can pose a risk of malicious code entering your PC. Always check the address bar at the top of the screen and make sure there is a padlock shown indicating you are connecting to a trusted website!

It is always better to be weary and safe than risk any code damaging your computer. Wisecare is safe, if you would like to test the software before installing it, there is a website that will do exactly this for you.

Virustotal is the website that can check a URL or file for anything untoward in where you are about to visit, the Wisecleaner website.

Click the link below to check the website, when you are happy, please go to the next section an download.

Test Wisecare website



Download the software

Firstly you need to go to the Wisecleaner website.

Visit Wisecleaner site

Once the page has loaded, make sure you are looking at the Wisecleaner 365 page, and not the folder hider etc pages. Now Click the green "Free scan" button to download the software onto your computer or laptop etc.


Follow your browser guide!

Different browsers act in different ways when downloading and installing. Follow your browser path and skip the other Browser sections

Chrome/Edge Image of code red virus

Perform the next steps then skip to all browsers carry on from there.



Execute the software.

An .exe file is an executable file. This loads the installer into memory, click the exe file to start installing the free software

Firefox Image of firefox

Perform the next step then skip to all browsers carry on from there.



Save the file.

You now need to save the file to your hard drive



Open the installer.

Firefox will now download your file to the downloads memory. Click the dialog box to open the downloads.



Run the installer.

Click the dialog box to run the installer.


Image of code red virus

Perform the next step.



save the application

Click save to save the application to hard drive. This can then be found in the downloads folder on your drive.



Run the software.

Double click the exe file to execute it..

All browsers

All browsers carry on from here..



Accept terms.

In the next window click accept the terms and conditions if it is not already ticked. Then click the install button.



Release notes.

Here you can view the release notes which are an account of all the upgrades, improvements and bug fixes. If you want to read it leave the checkbox ticked. If not uncheck the "view release log" checkbox. Now click finish.



Check up the drive.

The next screen will change and windows will will ask you if you want to run this software, click yes. The software will install itself and you should be looking at the screen below. pc Checkup should be automatically selected. Click on checkup.



Close your browser.

For Wisecare To be able to clear out your browser cache the software asks if you want to close it. TAKE NOTE... When you click YES, it will close this the 'clean my pc free' window behind the scene but, do not worry as you saved the shortcut to your desktop earlier. Just go to your desktop and doubleclick the Wisecare icon and carry on from here.



Fix the drive.

Click fix and the software will now clean out all of the junk files taking up valuable space on your hard drive.



What's been fixed?

Wisecare, after completing its' tasks, will show you exactly what was cleaned out of your system and how much space has been recovered. Click the green arrows to see exactly what. This is the main step to streamlining your system, the next step is to close Wisecare and load it back up, the clean my pc window to carry on. So click close and when done, double click the shortcut on your desk top. Then carry out the next steps from the menu to clear even more stuff out.