(Clean up the System files.) This page was updated 10th April 2021.

How to clean the system files on your computer - Clean my PC Free.

Cleaning the uneeded system files will speed up your computer.

First, we need to load up Wisecare by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. Next, we need to click on the link that points to System Cleaner.

We have cleaned out the registry and the useless files previously using the Clean Registry and Clean Common Files link. Now, we need to free up even more space on the drive by clicking the Advanced Cleaner tab..

At the top of the screen you will see a drop-down list, with a list of the local hard drive or hard drives shown.

I have several drives on my computer but my system drive is the R: drive. Yours will probably be the C: drive. Either way, Wisecare will indicate which is the system drive by showing the version of windows you have installed i.e. Win10 Enterprise. If you have multiple drives, uncheck all those drives leaving only the Windows system drive checked.


When Wisecare has finished scanning the system files, it shows a list of files that can be deleted as they are no longer required. These are the ‘tmp’ and ‘chk’ files, ‘tmp’ being temporary files and ‘chk’ being check files that are fragmented files created by Windows. Now simply go ahead and clean those files out of the system by clicking the link Clean.

The system reports back that some of the files cannot be cleaned until a reboot. This was quite a quick procedure so when you are satisfied, reboot your system and move on to the next step by restarting Wisecare again from your desktop.